Quality analytics for natural products.

The team at Flowerpilot builds highly accurate hand-held tools to quickly measure, store and manage quality criteria for a variety of natural products.

We’re currently working on our first generation of smartphone-connected devices. These will seamlessly connect to our compliance management platform, allowing customers to easily stay ahead of regulations. Stay tuned!

The Flowerpilot advantage:

  • Identify different strains, use strain finger-printing for product identification.
    (Ensures the right strain is shipped and received)
  • Measure relevant active compounds with high accuracy.
    (Avoids costly lab testing and reporting)
  • Alert for blended samples above certain thresholds.
    (Avoids mixed-in minor quality, non-certifiable product)
  • Test for mold, mildew and other critical quality challenges.
    (Early warning of quality issues, and better yield estimates for crop planning)

Do you want to learn more? We’re exited to meet you at meetus@flowerpilot.com.